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Retail businesses like yours can change the way pre-consumer plastic film materials are handled and recycled.

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We are seeking local business and retail partners to collect their waste plastic film materials.

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Increase retail plastic film material recycling for businesses

We are a non-profit that facilitates plastic film materials recycling at the pre-consumer stage at small and large companies. Based in Southern California, Plastic Beach is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is saving the environment one plastic sheet at a time.

Retail recycling with Plastic Beach is an easy, hassle-free approach to getting plastic film materials recycled and supporting corporate sustainability programs.

Changing retail plastic recycling

We work together with retailers on a system for collecting their plastic film materials with our volunteers who take care of pickup and distribution. Plastic Beach is a non-profit aiming to radically increase the amount of plastic film materials being recycled.

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