Problem & Solution

Retail plastic is problematic

Many retailers receive items pre-wrapped in plastic film material or packaged with bubble wrap, which are removed before being placed on display.
Most of this plastic film material is thrown in the trash.

Only a tiny amount gets recycled because there are barriers to retail plastic film recycling:

— Municipal waste management don’t accept retail plastic as it’s incompatible with conveyor-belt sorting systems
— Grocery stores accept small, consumer amounts
— Third-party recyclers have stopped accepting plastics as they are no longer profitable to export to other countries
— Limited on-site storage stops retailers from recycling because large, unbaled volumes are hard to manage

In a 12-month period, one retailer collected 400 bags (1700 lbs)
of plastic film material = over 42,000 square feet!

Volunteers make this solution work!
We’re looking for passionate people to join our cause!

Retail recycling with Plastic Beach is an easy, hassle-free approach to getting plastic film material recycled and supporting corporate sustainability programs.

You collect on-site

We provide local businesses with the basic infrastructure to collect their waste plastic bags and plastic film packing material on site (instead of entering the trash stream).

We pick up and distribute

Businesses hold the plastic film in a bulk container for our regular collection and onward delivery to recycling companies by our volunteer team.

Volume reported for branding

We track each business’ recycling volume weight to inform their customers and stakeholders on their programs success.

Our retail collection concepts vary according individualized company needs

For on-site collection

Bagging-stations (a wire-frame 30-gallon bag holder) are available for convenient on-site collection

For small businesses

Bagging-stations plus larger bulk storage cart for additional storage available

For large businesses

Bagging-stations plus “walk-In” storage pod for large volume of plastic-sheet waste

Our supportive and involved partners support Plastic Beach with our upstream, collection and connections

Volunteers make this program work

We are looking for passionate, inspired people to join our cause and who want to help us grow our services.

It’s easy and we have a number of ways you can help by giving just a few hours a week, month, or year!

  • Oversee programs at selected companies or help with collection from businesses to collection locations

  • Help raise funds and donations

  • Educate friends, family and coworkers on how to recycle plastic sheet materials

  • Advocate for Plastic Beach’s mission by talking about us and spreading the word

  • Assist in community events such as local education/recycling days (like current electronic recycling drives)

Businesses making a difference by recycling with Plastic Beach