Origin Story

Plastic Beach began in a warehouse

Changing retail pre-consumer plastic
film materials handling and recycling

It all started when our team began working in the shipping and receiving department of a large power sports dealership. Every week we’d open and throw out about 10 lbs of plastic film materials from wrapped parts, clothing, protective bubble wrap and pillows before the goods would hit the shelves for consumers.

Through research and conversations with other retailers, we discovered that plastic film materials normally get thrown in the trash. Since only 9% of plastic bags are currently recycled globally, we knew it was imperative to get business plastic film into the recycling pipeline.

Plastic Beach wants to radically grow the amount of plastic film material that gets recycled, currently only possible through a few major grocery chains in small amounts per customer.

Our mission and vision

Grow through education

We educate retailers that plastic film material is recyclable, and provide them with a recycle collection service funded by charitable donations.

Collaborate with recylers

We identify and collaborate with existing plastic film recyclers and collection services for the proper recycling of the material we collect.

Finding like-minded partners

We work with volunteers, local business groups and similarly focused companies to expand collection and explore large-scale solutions.

Future expansion plans

We want to render materials into a raw product to be used in manufacturing (pellets) and/or finished producta that can be sold onward.