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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to recycle plastic film material?

Plastic is highly recyclable so basically we are throwing away the raw materials that could be used to make and re-make plastic bags and other materials over and over.

Where will Plastic Beach be collecting the plastic film materials? Who are its customers?

Many large retailers see a LOT of items pre-wrapped in plastic film materials (and packaged with bubble wrap and air cushions) that will be removed before being placed on display — at present this is almost always thrown in the trash, but we will seek to provide a recycling solution that is easy for them to use.

Why can’t I put plastic film material into my curbside recycling?

Unfortunately, at present, there is only one trash collection service in the United States that accepts plastic film materials in their curbside collection.

Where can businesses recycle plastic film material then?

Municipal waste management companies do not accept retail plastic as it’s incompatible with conveyor-belt sorting systems. Grocery stores accept only small, consumer amounts. So plastic film materials often are thrown in the trash.

So what does Plastic Beach seek to achieve?

We aim to educate businesses about the current limitations of plastic film materials recycling and how they can collect and divert these materials to bulk commercial recyclers. We also seek to work with suppliers who want to increase the recycled materials in their products and willing to work with our partners.

Why would a retail company use Plastic Beach’s services?

In addition to providing a convenient recycling solution, we will also keep our customers updated on the amounts of plastic film materials they divert from the landfills for use in their own marketing, encouraging peer respect and engagement.     

Will customers have to pay for the service?

Plastic Beach offers a unique solution to a recycling problem and we will encourage donations to cover our collection costs and operations. The best part in working with Plastic Beach is that we are a not-for-profit and any donations will be tax-deductible, unlike typical waste management fees.

As a volunteer, I don’t want to collect trash!

Nor do we! Retail businesses will be chosen for the amount of clean plastic sheet materials they can divert from the landfill; so we will NOT be handling trash and will refuse collection accordingly.

Why the name “Plastic Beach” for the non-profit?

I’m a big fan of the band Gorillaz and have been inspired by their 2010 album of this name.