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Plastic Beach will down-stream our collected plastic film materials to TREX and other recyclers of plastic to turn it into composite decking and more. To meet their collection terms, we need donations to support

• Safety equipment for our volunteers
• Collection and bulk storage bins for participating retailers
• Recycling baler and equipment
• Funds for van and shipping container/trailer (for bale storage) rentals
• Education programs for businesses, partners and volunteers

Our goal is to raise up to $50,000.

Join us in radically reducing plastic film materials being thrown out instead of recycling!

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How donations will support the program

Compact plastic bag baler

A compact recycling baler will save money with fewer pickups, streamline the recycling process and reduce storage needs.

Collection equipment

A number of items are needed from collection boxes to bag containers to bulk storage carts to help retailers with their plastic film materials collection.

Safety materials

From PPE safety equipment to limited liability insurance, we want to keep our volunteers safe as they collect and distribute plastics and services.


Amazon Smile Donations

If you’re an Amazon Prime shopper, simply activate a Smile account and add Plastic Beach as a beneficiary, so that for every Amazon purchase you make, Amazon will donate a percentage to us.